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The 3:15 Experiment 2007



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Christopher J. Jarmick is a writer, poet and financial advisor who lives in Seattle Washington.  (no more 3rd person stuff.. please).   I am President of PEN-Washington sit on the board at PEN USA at Antioch College in Culver City California.  I am the former executive vice president of the Washington Poets Association.  I'm proud of the fact that I have kept a regularly scheduled poetry reading going for 8 years in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle.   It started as a twice a month thang at the Take Another Look Bookstore, moved to Lottie Motts and now happens the 3rd Friday of every month at Bookworm Exchange.  

I started another series a little over a year ago at a place a few miles South of Bookworm, on the border of Seattle and Renton.  This happens on the 2nd Saturday of the month at Ugly Mug Coffee House.  I'm also right now in the middle of curating and hosting the Poets at Pike Place Market series (2nd year of this) which takes place at Victor Steinbrueck park dates to come:  Sunday  August 3rd,  August 24th, Sept. 7th and September 21.  I made sure the featured poets I ask to read are paid a few bucks for this venue since it is sponsored by the Downtown Seattle Association and the Seattle Parks and Recreation department.

I've had a really exciting year creatively...I've gotten involved with Little Red Studio an interactive theater troupe that puts on edgy shows that pushes the envelope in regard to what is theater.  I initially got involved as a poet, thanks to people like Dobbie Norris and mostly Eileen Fix.  Then I did some writing and even a little performing for some of their shows.  I also have created special pieces that may only run once...like a recent theatrical homage I did for George Carlin which involved 5 people in a kind of theatrical spoken word experimental piece.

I send out an email to about 350 people a few times every month which lists all kinds of reading events happening throughout the Seattle and Puget Sound areas.  If you wat to get on that list and have more schtuff in your email inbox.. let me know...drop me a line at emeraldchris@yahoo.com


I'll be entering my 2007 poems shortly.   Lots of snafus on getting to the website last year and I didn't follow up to figure things out—-so they are being put on now just before we start the 2008 round.

I remember asking several times.. why oh why am I doing this?  And then writing some things that wound up sparking something else which eventually led to something worthwhile  and there-in lies the reason why.  

I discover new voices, new subjects, new ideas to write about. It's an huge stretch on the Writing Down the Bones stream of consciousness type of writing and having to decipher my scribbles if I write things down on a pad with a pen is also a challenge akin to.. well no actually much harder than the New York Times Crossword ...

Yeah often I roll out of bed...and do it on the computer because then I can read my nonsense...

I wound up doing it every day last year—even though I didn't feel I had to make sure I did something every day.  

2007: I came up with some good phrases and ideas that were expanded to poems or wound up being Poem Starters and there's still a few more here and there that might wind up as something.

Yeah I'm doing it again this year 2008...but I probably will miss a few days...

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