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The 3:15 Experiment 2007



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Writing the 3:15 experiments saved me, in a sense, by giving me a purpose in the midst of great uncertainty.  I had an easier time beginning it than sustaining it, but I set the alarm every night, and woke to write, unless my cell phone alarm happened on “silent” mode—subconscious?  The process of recovering my notes was one of deciphering!  The handwriting being black ink scrawl.  My favorite messages to decipher came in the form of dreams, so effortless, dreams, that reveal more than the conscious mind.  In the middle of the month, I dared peek at some of the previous 3:15 experiments online and was a bit scared off by the whole lucid poems found there.  But I decided, I write what I write, and there can be glee there too.  One of my favorite finds were the passages of Marie Warsh of a previous year, who wrote:  “Did you grow?”  And I say, this year, a first-timer, yes, yes I did.  Though I am leaving most of my writings unedited—and they were certainly unread before September—I am bending the rules a little, by extracting—yeeck—extracting some of the passages from other bogged down or too personal passages.  This seems only natural, and not against the grain.  I noticed that the closer to 3:15 that I went to bed, the less of the coveted dream state would emerge.  So that one had to be more asleep to dream.  And yet, when one is More asleep, it is so much harder to wake oneself enough to write.  So therein lies the paradox, and therein, we all labored in love to do this, when we woke to work it out.  I lay down the pen of August 2007 nights of 3:15.  

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