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The 3:15 Experiment 2007



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August 1, 2007 12:30 a.m.

          Iíve just come out of the shower after not bathing for two and a half days.  That is probably more information than most of you want to know.  I waited so long to shower because I really wanted to start this 3:15 clean.
          Now I must come clean with all of you.  I do not set an alarm to wake up at 3:15, I set an alarm to stop whatever I am doing and write at 3:15.  Tonight I will be washing dishes at 3:15.  My cell phone alarm will ring, I will stop washing dishes, I will return to this journal, and I will write something.
          I try not to call what I write poems anymore, I call them pieces.  I suppose as the writer I can call my pieces whatever I want, but whatever form they take, I choose to call them pieces.

          There is a word often associated with the 3:15 experimentóhypnogogic.  What does this work mean, aside from the obvious reference to sleep denoted by the prefix hypno?  I donít know.  Perhaps I would know if I held an M.F.A.  Perhaps I would know if my unabridged dictionary of the English language was truly unabridged.
          The bottom line is that for most people involved the experiment is about dragging yourself out of sleep to write then falling back asleep.  For me it is about stopping an activity, writing for at least 20 minutes (the length of my final break at work) then returning to that activity.  
          I think this year I will make a note each day of what I was doing when I stopped to write.  No note indicates that I was actually sleeping.  

September 10, 2007 2:30 p.m.

          I am finally sitting down to type up my pieces from this yearís experiment.  I thought I would take the time to make a few additional notes before I get started.

          I spent much of August on vacation this year, which means I actually had to wake up at 3:15 many more times than usual.  I got a good glimpse into what many other participants deal with, such as angry spouses, deciding where to write to minimize impact on the rest of the family and so on.  For some pretentious reason, I have decided to add commentary in parentheses following each piece.  I hope these are helpful.  

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