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The 3:15 Experiment 2007



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Linda Lee Crosfield
Ootischenia, BC

Linda's poetry has appeared in Room of One’s Own, Horsefly, The New Orphic Review, Ascent Aspirations, The Minnesota Review, and in various chapbooks and anthologies, including Between Sleeps. She serves on the editorial committee of WordWorks, the journal of the Federation of BC Writers. She lives in the Kootenays. She's participated in the 3:15 Experiment since 2005.

Notes on Process, 2007

Well well well, who'd have thought? This is the third year I've disrupted my August sleep patterns by writing at 3:15 in the morning, or thereabouts. As I get older it seems I require less sleep. Consequently, I sometimes come at 3:15 because that's when I'm going to bed! I do notice that this changes the tone of the poems...when I do write immediately upon waking I definitely have the sense that the words are coming from somewhere other than the usual source.

As is usually the case when I write, what is going on in my life tends to bleed out into the poems. Forest fires in the area were a large focus for everyone around here this year, at least at the beginning of the month, so references to fires appear frequently. So do musings on the deaths, real and expected, of friends. And then there was the day near the end of the month when then fourteen year old Steven Truscott was finally acquitted of the 1959 murder of twelve year old Lynne Harper in Ontario. When I heard the news, I cried, and couldn’t understand why it affected me so. My 3:15 poem that night solved the mystery for me. Apparently, Steven wasn’t the only kid whose innocence was compromised back then.

And peaches. For the third year running, there were peach poems.

I only missed, I think, 6 days this year, and now I've got a little pile of poems to tweak and twirl and toss out into the world as I see fit.

Thank you Gwendolyn, Tod, Danika, and everyone else involved for keeping this going. Peaches, freestone and juicy, to all of you!


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